Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia
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Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia

036f19db65Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia is a self-sufficient company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and affiliated to the Austrian based Rhomberg Group.
The Group belongs to the world leaders, innovators and specialists in rail track construction and rail systems. Rhomberg has been at the forefront of rail track engineering technologies, project management and construction for over 70 years.
Rhomberg have helped build some of the biggest and most complex rail projects in Europe and the world, developing a formidable reputation as an innovator who can get the job done on time and on budget.
Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia provides the best of European innovation with local know-how and knowledge that is unsurpassed in the Middle East Region.
We enjoy full access to all resources of the Rhomberg Group, like knowhow, patents and innovations, specialized manpower for engineering, project management and construction and to the remarkable fleet of track construction machineries