Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia

Design & Technical Advice

Design & Technical Advice

Design & Technical Advice
Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia has developed extensive in-house capabilities in Rail Engineering for the seamless design and management of rail projects.

These skills are augmented by partnership arrangements for the provision of all rail systems and survey related activities. Long term relationships with similar ‘best in business’ partners has resulted in numerous project collaborations providing clients with complete solutions.

Feasibility Studies and Concept Design
Optimization of all project criteria, comparative analysis of initial and whole of life costing to client preference. Design and drafting services for rail infrastructure and track design. We work with clients from concept to budget formulation to provide clarity through out the project concept development.

Detail Design
Integrated approach to providing cost effective survey, and geotechnical investigation, civil design, detailed track and signal proposals. Detail design professionals with proven records in delivering optimal design with the most cost effective constructability to ensure the best value to the client.

Technical Advisory
Highly experienced and qualified rail professionals to assist clients with track related support services including feasibility proposals, cost/benefit analysis, situational analysis and project advice. Our experience saves you money and time.