Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia


Stakeholder Management

The importance of rail transport and rail technologies is currently undergoing a renaissance in many areas of the world and the Rhomberg Group has been a key player in the industries development.


The demand of international transport logistics for heavy haul and bulk commodities, the requirement for mass transit systems in our cities, and the establishment of high speed inter-city connection networks are creating major opportunities for all rail transport options.

Rail networks are being planned, upgraded and constructed to respond to the rapidly expanding needs and requirements of modern life. Sometimes in the short term, construction has a negative impact on communities due to noise, dust emissions, traffic hassles, and disruptions.

Properly managed, these effects are minimized by experience providers. During this time of change and development, Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia continues to be a committed partner to political decision makers and administrative leaders supporting long term goals and holistic approaches to serve the community.

We are pleased to provide our local knowledge and international expertise to plan and implement world class rail infrastructure using proven experience.

In the construction process, we promote an understanding for the overall objectives and benefits of infrastructure projects through communication and community involvement and minimize the impact of our activities on stakeholders