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Resource Productivity
As an operating division of the Rhomberg Group, we are proud of our company integral environmental commitment to resource efficiency and material life-cycle transitions. This covers all aspects of work site activities and includes innovative material reprocessing, remediation and recycling protocols that are accepted components of the daily work schedule.
Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our planning and execution in order to minimize the impacts of our works and as a source of innovation to generate resource efficient work practices and develop new methodologies.

We recognize that the movements of goods and people by rail is one of the key solutions to sustainably maintaining the lifestyle that our communities enjoy due to the environmental and social benefits of rail transport. We are dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective solutions to our clients to further encourage the development of rail as a sustainable and environmentally friendly transport mode.

Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia is constantly seeking out new ways to maximize the productive use of resources for the benefit of our community. We actively recycle track components removed during the works we undertake to cascade down for reuse by other end users in different operating environments. Other initiatives include the recycling of timber bridge transoms and full timber bridges on renewal, timber which has already ended up as a variety of wooden furniture and artwork created by our partners.

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