Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia

Financial Commitment

Investing for a sustainable future – the Rhomberg Model


The Rhomberg Group is a fourth generation family owned enterprise with over 2000 employees, engaging in worldwide activities, focused on extensive long-term commitments to our clients, alliance partners and suppliers.

We are a technology business that undertakes specialist research, along with the training and development of essential skills. We also custom build specialized rail tools and machinery to undertake highly sophisticated and complex rail projects. All this is added to the experience which we assemble, nurture and maintain in our organization for the benefit of all our activities.
The effect of Rhomberg’s significant strategic commitment and financial investment, combined with our considerable organizational vigor, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial nature, is focused on the achievement of sustainable business excellence.

Our holistic life cycle approach takes into account all relevant costs involved in our activities including: operating, investment and maintenance of our own assets as well as those of our clients.