Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia



Ideas that last

Rhomberg is a family company in its fourth generation we have always oriented our business model with a view to the long term, not based on quarterly financial reports. More than 70 years of experience in the railway industry, highly experienced staff and long lasting relationships with clients and suppliers are the key elements of our success story.

Tradition means continuously thinking ahead, delivery of quality products and workmanship exceeding the requirements of our clients over the lifetime of the railway infrastructure.

Being a member of the Rhomberg Group, Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia has the direct access to the most productive fleet of track resurfacing machines and operators on the east coast of Australia which enables our clients to accelerate projects, reduce life-cycle costs and maintenance cycles. Based on this skill set we continuously seek new opportunities to make the rail infrastructure option more attractive for freight and passenger transport.

Moreover, Rhomberg has established its own division which constantly develops and implements track systems to improve track geometry for high speed track slab and ballasted track as well as metro systems.