Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia



Winning Partnerships

We achieve our best performances if we work in a true partnership relationship with our clients, suppliers and delivery partners in which we enjoy an open and honest communication routine with a focus on what is best for the project and the client needs.

Our success has been formed through long lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders rather than a focus on short term profit maximization through adversarial contract management behavior.

We enter into fair and goal oriented partnership arrangements in which we are a reliable partner. Our focus is on the outcome and we expect the same from our partners. We select our partners based on their sustainable contribution to the process solution and we agree on transparent contracts in which it is clear what each partner can expect and must contribute to achieve the intended outcome. Small projects have the same importance as big ones and we always seek out win-win situations.

Ultimately, the key driver for Rhomberg Rail Saudi Arabia and our partners is to add value for our customers and through this building lasting client /partner relationships founded on trust and mutual respect.